MLP Radio LA.

Conversación de compras (compra) en inglés.

Client: Excuse me, how much this toy ?.
Seller: "nineteen US dollars"
Client: Excuse me, what colors are there? ==================
Seller: There is light blue, pink and yellow ==================
Client: and which sizes are there? ==================
Seller: large, medium and small ==================
Client: no other colors ?
Seller: not currently are exhausted ==================
Client, and has a style that is not the same? ==================
Seller: no, why are exhausted Mr. ==================
Cllient: When could return eh? ==================
Seller: do not know Mr.
Client, then sell me the sky. accepts credit card?
Seller: no sir not accept that here ==================
Client: but I can and pay out another day? ==================
Seller: no sir do not insist, do not read the signs? ==================
Client: I'm sorry that I'm blind ==================
Seller lol. That such if you buy these glasses on offer at low price
Client: for if you do I need, I need them lol ==================
Seller: Take them as only worth 1 dollar ==================
Client: Yes, but do not serve my view. if no other serve to my view?
Seller: Lord are not exhausted ==================
client: that bad. good I return another day when I need. Thank you!

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